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Gas chromatography (GC) is an analytical method which is used to separate mixtures in single chemical components. GC can only be used if the components are gaseous or can be vaporized without combustion.

Different GC-Manufacturers

Most common GC manufacturers are Perkin-Elmer, Thermo, Shimadzu or Agilent. This concern emerged from the “Analytical Science” part of Hewlett-Packard and is the global leader after the taking over of the former Varian Company.

Systems like the GC 5890, which was produced under the HP brand or the GC 6890 or 7890 are, with different detectors like FID, PND or MS, very popular.

You will also find systems like the Trace GC of Thermo or the Clarus series from Perkin Elmer all around the world.

WIC 93001003

Method of Operation

For daily operation of a GC you need vials to put in the autosampler. A common size is 2mL or higher volumes as 10 or 20mL for Headspace GC. In these vials the sample you want to analyze is filled.

For injection of the sample into the GC an microliter syringe is used. It can be built in the autosampler or can be used manually in case you do not have many samples.

The sample is injected through a very temperature stable inlet septa and is converted to the gaseous phase in a special glass liner. From the liner the sample is sent to the column, which is the main part of the GC. These coated glass columns are positioned in the GC oven and have a length of 10-60m and a diameter of 0.1-0.5mm. Inside the column are special materials which are responsible for the separation of the mixture in single compounds (common phases are DB1, DB5, DB624 etc).

Carrier Gases

To operate a GC you need special gases to carry the sample and to burn the samples in the FI-Detector. Most common are Helium or Hydrogen and Zero-Air. Gas Generators have proven a very interesting alternative to the common gas bottles in the mean time. These generators fractionize the surrounding air to Nitrogen or Zero Air or they produce Hydrogen by catalytic degradation of water.

WICOM offers a broad range of consumables and spare parts for GC. There are our high quality syringes for Samplers or manually operated injection. We even produce our own brand of GC columns: HNUNordion.

Furthermore we are distributor for all brands on the market. You need filaments for an Agilent GC-MS? Syringes from Hamilton or a liner from SGE? A Restek column or Supelco Septa?

Just call WICOM, we offer you unbeatable prices an skilled know How!

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